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Uisge Source: Water Built for Whisky

Those who prefer their Scotch whisky neat may want to reconsider. Uisge Source is the first water designed to enhance the whisky-drinking experience. Uisge (pronounced 'oosh-guh') is the Scottish Gaelic word for “water” as in uisge beatha (oosh-guh-beh-huh,) which translates to “water of life.”

Diluting your favorite single malt may seem sacrilegious to some, but the practice is widely embraced in Scotland. Most whisky experts agree that a few drops of water in your dram will unleash complex aromas and flavors that are often masked by the anesthetizing effects of alcohol on the senses. Drawn by hand from three of Scotland’s major whisky regions—Speyside, Islay, and The Highlands—Uisge Source waters vary naturally in mineral content, acid, and pH, and are intended to mimic the water that was used in the Scotch whisky’s original recipe.

“It’s the provenance and sense of place that makes whisky so unique,” says Dr. Bill Lumsden, master distiller for The Glenmorangie. “Adding water from the same source can only help protect the integrity of the spirit.”