Sarah's command of the written language is demonstrated by communications that are both elegant and to the point. She can turn memorable phrases into hooks in a moments notice, which is a critical skill in these times dominated by social media. To the point, she was born to write.

Joel Quigley, vice president marketing and communications at The Good Life Wine Collective.

Sarah is a dynamic media savant, well-versed in print, digital and social media. She's a go-to expert in the publishing industry for her extensive knowledge on the topics of food, travel, and Scotch whisky. Sarah tirelessly champions every project she's involved with, amplifying the client's message and spreading brand awareness. Professional prowess aside, she's a lovely person and her enthusiasm and zest for life is infectious. She's an absolute joy to work with and spend time with.

Charyn Pfeuffer, editor, writer, content strategist

Sarah is a passionate and knowledgeable individual who not only loves what she does, she truly lives "the experience." She is fearless in reaching her goals and objectives, has excellent client communication skills and uses social media tools as they were intended to be used.

Johanne McInnis, freelance writer, whisky presenter and panelist

Finding ways to connect to your specific audience is always a challenge and Sarah made that step a whole lot less stressful. Thanks Sarah for all the help!

Randy Allen, editor and cinematographer, Rand Productions

Sarah possesses a professional attitude in and around the workplace. She has an impressive range of knowledge on subjects of wine, spirits and all things culinary as well as social media. Professionally and socially, Sarah is a delight to be around and would prove to be a hard worker and most valuable asset to any company that would wish to hire her.

Jessica Learned, CS, client success manager at Compli, Inc.

Sarah was a pleasure to work with. She brings a fresh, international perspective to her work and utilizes exceptional writing skills.

Scott Roark, public information officer, California Department of Education

Sarah is an exceptional elegant writer! She strives for excellence and succeeds!

Hilary McGinnis, founder of Girls' Force

Sarah has a great way with words! She creates visuals with her choice of words and makes you really see and feel what she is writing about. She is also very passionate!

Monica Sicile, artist and professional framer